Things to do during Covid

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  1.  The U of A is proud to offer free open online courses to the community.   As we look after ourselves at home we look for ways to keep our minds learning and having fun during closures and home stays, these courses are a great resource.

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Open Online Courses

  1.  Stratford Festival.

Since you can’t visit them at the moment,
they have decided to visit you at home!

The Stratford Festival is presenting a free film festival to entertain you during this period of social isolation. They are offering free streaming of 12 of our most successful Shakespeare productions – beginning on Shakespeare’s birthday, April 23, with King Lear, directed by Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino and starring Colm Feore.

“Great actors in great productions of great plays.
This is a reminder of why we preserve the theatre on film.”

– Toronto Star

They have scheduled film showings around four themes that seem pertinent at this time of pandemic.

  1.  Vancouver Web cams:  ”

4. The Insider: 32 fun, free things to do online if you’re stuck at home during a second lockdown

5. Printable Colouring Pages for Adults:

6. Sudoku

You have probably heard of sudoku. It’s a logic and number puzzle that actually originated in France but became popular in Dell puzzle books after 1979. Most major newspapers print a sudoku puzzle every day.

Websudoku is a great free website for doing sudoku puzzles. You can do them online on your computer, tablet, or phone, and you can also print them off. You can select from several different difficulty levels.

If you like this type of puzzle, there is also kakuro, which is related to sudoku. With kakuro puzzles, instead of finding the numbers one through nine in a square of nine boxes, nine times, you are adding up numbers in a line. If you like sudoku, then you will probably like kakuro, too. Again, you can do them on your phone, tablet, computer, or print them off.

7. Crosswords

There are an enormous number of websites where you can find crossword puzzles. The LA Times gives you access to their daily puzzle for free, for example. Again, you can play it online or print them off. Just search for “free crossword puzzles” and you’ll find lots.

8. Jigsaw Puzzles

Free online jigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend some time. There are many websites to chooses from but here is a link to one of many choices.

9. Virtual Tour at Reynolds

These beyond-the-barrier Virtual Tours could be for you! Each Virtual Tour highlights an artifact from our collection. Using your choice of conferencing platform, our tour guide will allow you to get a close-up look, and learn more about these amazing machines.

There are currently three programs to choose from. Each includes a 20-minute live presentation, detailed photos and illustrations, and an opportunity to ask questions.  We recommend that you book a one-hour conference to ensure that all your questions are answered.

The programs are:

1912 Hupp Yeats Electric Car, What do a wealthy woman, a moody parrot and Stan Reynolds have in common? Go beyond the barriers and delve into the fascinating life of the 1912 Hupp-Yeats Electric Coach.

1920 Canadian Tractor, Built on the prairies for prairie farms, the Canadian Tractor was built to last. Or was it? Go beyond-the-barriers to learn more about this rare Canadian Tractor.

1934 Citroen Halftrack, A Western Canadian story about the Painted Lady, one of 5 half-tracks used on the Bedaux Sub Arctic Expedition. An expedition funded by the wealthy and eccentric Charles Bedaux to find a passage from Edmonton to Alaska.

New programs coming soon include: 1916 Buick Hearse, 1917 Waterloo Thresher and 1911 Model T Tourabout.

Fee: Pay what you can (estimated product value $75 per program). Bookings available starting December 28

Contact Booking Coordinator for more information and to book your Virtual Tour.

Juanita Voth, Booking Coordinator, Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Phone: (780) 312-2071,   Email:

I will be in my office Wednesdays through Fridays from 8:15am to 4:30pm.